A Look at Hypnotherapy

I found this really helpful – Hypnotherapy is an alternative form of medical treatment where hypnotism is used along with professional counselling to produce a relaxed state of focused awareness and increased suggestibility in which patients can resolve a range of problems and concerns. Hypnotherapy also involves the use of music, sound and light. A …

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Treating Myofascial Pain Syndrome With Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release is a popular alternative medicine treatment claimed to be very effective for the treatment of pain and chronic skeletal immobility caused by acute injuries or by chronic overuse. It is often recommended as an “alternative” treatment because it doesn’t involve the use of drugs or surgery, has no side effects, and is reasonably …

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Carpenters in Swansboro

Carpenters in Swansboro, North Carolina are just a few of the highly respected trade names in the construction and carpentry trade. These firms offer skilled workers who can provide many different services to their customers. Many carpenters in Swansboro are members of the International Carpenters Association (ICAA) and the United States Carpenters Association (USCA). A …

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