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tired eyes disturb your reading activities

People who like to read are often given the title as "nerds", although the actual act of reading is a positive thing and is needed in the process of learning or digging information. Unfortunately, interest in reading in our country is still relatively low, maybe one of them due to inconvenience felt when reading in a long time.

Eyes tired, headache, watery eyes are common complaints that are often felt when we read in a long time, this is known as eye fatigue or tired eyes.

Tired eyes do not know the age but often experienced by people who do a lot of reading or close activity such as students, students, accountants or other professions. Although already wearing glasses sometimes the complaint still appears. Many people think that glasses are the cause of tired eyes, but just the opposite.

as said by java kadiri, tired eye conditions can be overcome by the use of glasses lenses are designed specifically for close activity becomes more comfortable and fun. One of the eyeglass lenses that can cope with this tired eye is Impression mono plus 2 and Multigressiv mono plus 2. By using this eyeglass lens reading and other close-up activities become easier and make the eyes more relaxed so as not to get tired quickly.

Impression mono plus 2 and Multigressiv mono plus 2 are digitally processed with the latest technology from Germany, not only overcome tired eyes but at the same time can correct the eye of minus, plus and cylinder eyes.

by using the right glasses you can be free from tired eyes. Read, learn and working activities become more fun without interruption. get kacamata berkualitas dan pelayanan terbaik di optik tunggal

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Why Do Cockroaches Go Home? It's How to Deny it!

The inclusion of cockroaches easily into the sewer is because you immediately throw water into the city/river channel. During the rainy season, the water in rivers and sewers is overflowing. In that condition, the cockroaches will flock to the rescue via a drainage pipe (www.shutterstock.com)

www.purposeofcockroaches.xyz - The thing that gets annoyed when the heavy rain and flood is the appearance of a cockroach. It came not one or two, but a lot.

That's a bit of experience ever experienced Indah Wardhani from Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta. Once observed, it turns out the cockroaches came from the sewer in the bathroom.

how to prevent the cockroaches coming back?

According to Chairman of the Indonesian Toilet Association (ATI), Naning Adiwoso, the inclusion of cockroaches easily to the sewer is because you immediately throw water into the city/river channel. During the rainy season, the water in rivers and drains is overflowing. In that condition, cockroaches will flock to safety through drainage pipes. They then go out and go straight to your bathroom.

Also, the inclusion of cockroaches can be caused by a sewer that is not covered correctly. The solution put the floor drain with a hole that is not big. Or, you can buy floor drain without holes but can be opened and closed. If not used, the tool is closed, and when you want to drain the water can be opened.

Indeed, floor drain like this is quite expensive. However, its use is effective in preventing cockroaches from entering.

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Feeling Restless and Depressed? Maybe You Lack Sleep

Restless and Depressed

We have no severe problems, but feelings are often nervous and depressed. The answer may be because sleep is less than 8 hours a night

Because, according to a recent study published in the Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry, people who sleep less will experience two of these symptoms.

According to this study, those who are sleep deprived or otherwise called insomnia cannot cope with the mind and escape from negative emotions.

The study analyzed 52 adults with "recurrent negative thoughts" (RNT) - where the focus of attention is compulsive on thoughts that cause sadness, anxiety, and stress.

and Their sleep patterns are known through interviews, and eye movement is analyzed after an image is shown to trigger an emotional response, as well as a neutral image (no response).

Interestingly, the results show that sleep deprivation causes people to spend more time viewing emotionally negative images which means they can not escape the negative pictures seen, according to Science Daily.

"We found that people in this study had a tendency of minds trapped in their heads, and high negative thinking made them difficult to escape from the negative stimuli encountered," said Professor Meredith Coles from the study conducted by Binghamton University.

This repeated negative thinking is relevant to several different disorders such as anxiety, depression and many other things.

The researchers are now doing further research to find out how sleep duration contributes to psychological disorders. From the findings, it is hoped that psychologists may one day overcome anxiety and depression by helping sufferers to sleep with sufficient length.

What's Your Nightmare Meaning?

There are many dreams come. Each person can have different sleeping flowers, depending on the experience encountered. Nobody can understand what the true meaning of dreams. However, Michael Vigo, author of the dream analyst site, DreamMoods.com tries to interpret some of the most commonly reported bad dreams. According to him, nightmares are a way of the subconscious mind to grab your attention and tell you that you are in a situation that you have tried to avoid and obviously troubles you. Pay attention and face the issue, he suggested. Here are some of the most common nightmares and their meanings:

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Shot firearms

That means you're feeling confronted in real life. You feel like a victim in some situations.

Dental date

That's is a dream general. Teeth are one part of the body that reflects the exciting nature of a person. Therefore, it stems from a rejection or fear, or the consequences of increasing age. Dream researchers found that women who experienced menopause reported having dental dreams dated. That's is an indication that dreams involving dental dates are often associated with age and being unattractive, and less feminine.


If you dream of being in a trap, then this suggests that you feel confined and not free to express your opinion, whether it's at work, in personal relationships or health. You may be in a routine and tired of the monotony of everyday life.


You feel tired of emotions. A pressing problem may come back and haunt you. You can be too quick to try to figure out what your inner thoughts are. You should act more alertly and slowly. If in a dream, you drown to death, then this means a rebirth. If you manage to get out of a pool or ocean that drowns you, then this signifies a success to get out of your stressful situation in real life.

Your Death

Although this kind of dream brings fear and anxiety, it is not something to be afraid of, as it is often a positive symbol. Dreaming of your death usually means major changes are awaiting you. On the downside, dreaming of your death may explain involvement in a painful or unhealthy relationship, as well as destructive treatment.


This dream signifies something you can not master. That's is a form of insecurity. In particular, to dream that an animal is chasing you depicts that you are refraining from anger or unconscious self-expression, which is then represented by the beast. Or, it could also mean that you are running away from a terrible fear.

Drive an uncontrollable car

That's is an early warning that you lack stability over your life. Your life is losing control, and you need a significant change. If you dream of driving an uncontrollable car, this means that you need to take control of your life. You may not want to take responsibility for your actions.

To envision the end of the world tells you that you are at a high level of stress. You may be feeling vulnerable and vulnerable in a situation.

Can not breathe
Dreaming that you can not breathe says that your body is feeling exhausted. Those with asthma problems also often dream of being out of breath.

That's is not a certainty, but an estimate of observation. Have you ever had a terrible nightmare experience and finally found out what that dream meant?

Reveal the Dream Meaning Often Decorate Your Night Sleep

reveal dream

Dreams are not just flowers of sleep. Psychology, Ian Wallace, dedicates himself to researching 150,000 dreams for over 30 years.

Based on his research, he then sequenced the eight kinds of dreams that most dreamed of humans, along with the meaning and attitude of what needs to be taken when waking up from the dream.

Here's the explanation:

1. Finding unused space

Meaning: The room reflects different aspects of one's character. So, finding unused space means you discover talent that you did not realize before.

Your attitude: Wallace says, the more time you spend exploring your talents then, the more opportunities you open in your life.

2. Can not control the vehicle

Meaning: Vehicles reflect the ability to take steps consistent with specific objects. In real life, you feel you have no complete control to be successful.

Your Attitude: Instead of trying to control the situation, Wallace recommends relaxing and relying on your hunch to find the best path for you.

3. Dreams fall

Meaning: Falling in a dream indicates that you are too cling to a situation, you need to relax and let go.

Your attitude: Do not focus on taking control, sometimes all you need to do is trust in yourself, others, and let things happen naturally.

4. Dream flying

Meaning: The opposite of falling dreams, flying dreams means you have been willing to escape from your stressful circumstances.

Your Attitude: Usually you feel the freedom from flying dreams for having made substantial decisions on significant responsibilities. So, congratulations to you!

5. Not ready for evaluation or examination

Meaning: Exams mean an ability assessment of your performance, so you criticize your performance in real life.

Your Attitude: Instead of continuing to criticize yourself, you need to receive talent, celebrate cultivation, your accomplishments in life.

6. Naked in public

Meaning: Bare in public means there is a situation in life where you feel slumped and exposed to excess.

Your Attitude: While potentially embarrassing, sometimes you have to be open with others so you can see the real talent.

7. Teeth dislodged

Meaning: Teeth are a symbol of trust and self-power. This dream may be that you are in a situation that causes your confidence to falter.

Your attitude: This does not mean you have no power. Relax, think calmly and face the situation as a challenge.

8. Dreams are chased

Meaning: There is a problem in life that you must fight, but you do not know how.

Your Attitude: The problem is often an opportunity for you to pursue personal ambition. Although it looks terrible, problems can cause good things in life.

source : dreamingofcockroacheshq