Bathroom Tiles for Small Bathrooms

Bathroom tiles

The size of the bathroom is a key deciding factor of how big of bathroom tiles you should buy. Large tiles in a relatively small bathroom will make the room look even smaller and is rarely aesthetically pleasing. Bathroom tiles are most commonly used on the floor, around bathtubs and basins, and on shower walls. Because bathroom tiles are available in many different shapes and sizes, there is no need to buy the largest size available.

Most bathroom tiles are sold in four different pre-finished finishes: stone finishes, ceramic tile finishes, marble finishes, and porcelain finishes. Stone finishes are suitable for small bathrooms as they give a natural finish that doesn’t stand out. Marble finishes are popular for larger bathrooms as they have a regal appearance and are ideal for use in large areas. Porcelain finishes are very smooth, but are harder to clean, stain causing them to be less appealing to homeowners.

In addition to the size, the style of the bathroom tiles you choose will also depend on the type of finish you get. Tile is available in sealed or unsealed finishes, and each of these has its own benefits. For example, ceramic tiles which are sealed can be placed above or on top of other materials, whereas unsealed tiles will have to be placed on top of tiled walls or floors. Sealed tile floors need sealing every six months, whereas unsealed tiles will need to seal every year.

Another aspect of choosing bathroom tiles that you need to consider is the colour scheme that you want. Bathroom tiles can be made from a wide range of materials including glazed and slate, though many homeowners choose glass tiles for their bathroom floor and walls. Glass tiles come in a variety of colours including blue, red, yellow and white. They are available in different thicknesses and glazing types, which means you can add a certain colour to your bathroom based on what glaze you buy. Some glass tiles are also sealed so that they become even clearer. There is no end to the different colours and styles that are available with glass tiles.

Mosaic tiles are another popular choice for small bathrooms. These large tile mosaics are usually made using glass and are made to look like art pieces. The mosaic tiles often come as stripes, though you can find mosaic tiles that feature a pattern or geometric design. Mosaic tiles have the advantage of being very easy to clean and can add a great deal of character to small bathrooms. The downside is that they are relatively expensive compared to other bathroom tile types.

It is also possible to buy complete bathroom tiles that combine different materials, such as ceramic, marble or granite. When combining bathroom tiles, there are several ways you can achieve the look you want. Most of these combinations involve tiling around your tub and shower area. You can also use tiling in your bathroom walls, around your bathtub and shower area, or in the corners of your bathroom walls. Choosing the right materials for your tiling project is important, but there is no reason why you can’t have a jaw-dropping design.