Types of Workplace Learning

A workplace learning werkplekleren experience (Wilmington Learning Enterprise) is an actual in-the-place program that actively engages in the student’s learning. WLEDs are experiential learning experiences that offer students the opportunity to interact with and learn from peers, vendors, suppliers, clients and the local community. This program is one of the most popular and effective ways of learning for many corporate and private sector workers. The ability to engage the workforce in hands on learning creates a positive learning environment, while developing individual employee skills as well. These types of learning environments are often supported by specially designed technology that allows students and teachers to share and collaborate, which in turn fosters better learning.

When choosing a workplace learning experience, it’s important to consider the type of technology that would be best suited for your particular needs. You might want a more hands on approach that gives you the ability to physically participate in the learning. If so, you’ll likely want to look at programs that use a mixture of visual and audio tools that can be used as study aides or standalone instructional units. Or, you might want a more a traditional classroom style program that comes complete with a teacher and room with a large screen for students to follow along with their lessons.

The most common type of workplace learning is a formal learning environment, such as a classroom or seminar-type setting. In these settings, you will typically find a teacher or trainers who are very experienced in providing training and instruction. These types of learning experiences are best suited for people with the natural ability to learn and teach. These classrooms are often controlled by rigid scheduling processes that require students to arrive on set times and stay on task throughout the duration of the class.

Informal workplace learning comes in a variety of formats. Many companies have regular workshops that are open to the public and provide training to staff members on a variety of topics. These informal learning sessions are often conducted by business owners or coaches who have experience in working with different types of businesses. They can provide both formal and informal learning experiences that are tailored to meet your particular needs.

Some other options that are becoming popular for workplace learning are webinars and live webinars. Webinars are a great way to introduce people to training materials and discuss topics that are of interest to employees. Live webinars allow you to reach out to multiple people at the same time and give you the opportunity to discuss one main idea at a time. Both of these types of workplace learning are highly effective and are growing in popularity.

No matter which type of informal learning you choose, remember that the success of your training lies in your ability to teach it. It doesn’t matter if you conduct a seminar or hold a webinar for a large group. The important thing is to be clear about what you hope to achieve and then go about creating the processes required to make that happen. Once you start to see results, you will be more motivated to try other forms of workplace learning.