Senin, 08 Januari 2018

Feeling Restless and Depressed? Maybe You Lack Sleep

Restless and Depressed

We have no severe problems, but feelings are often nervous and depressed. The answer may be because sleep is less than 8 hours a night

Because, according to a recent study published in the Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry, people who sleep less will experience two of these symptoms.

According to this study, those who are sleep deprived or otherwise called insomnia cannot cope with the mind and escape from negative emotions.

The study analyzed 52 adults with "recurrent negative thoughts" (RNT) - where the focus of attention is compulsive on thoughts that cause sadness, anxiety, and stress.

and Their sleep patterns are known through interviews, and eye movement is analyzed after an image is shown to trigger an emotional response, as well as a neutral image (no response).

Interestingly, the results show that sleep deprivation causes people to spend more time viewing emotionally negative images which means they can not escape the negative pictures seen, according to Science Daily.

"We found that people in this study had a tendency of minds trapped in their heads, and high negative thinking made them difficult to escape from the negative stimuli encountered," said Professor Meredith Coles from the study conducted by Binghamton University.

This repeated negative thinking is relevant to several different disorders such as anxiety, depression and many other things.

The researchers are now doing further research to find out how sleep duration contributes to psychological disorders. From the findings, it is hoped that psychologists may one day overcome anxiety and depression by helping sufferers to sleep with sufficient length.